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Peter is the Wolf
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Archived Comic
This page written by Ben Rodriguez on request from our bulletin board users! (Note: This page probably isn't canon; as of our story Michelle Goodwin is still in college and is only three years older than Jean.)
Archived Comic
This page written by ThomasNewton12 as part of our IndieGoGo project... and some explanation is required.

The script Kris wrote for Thomas:

Panel One

(In the lab room used by the Muzzle Group on Wednesday nights. As the rest of the class watches in poses ranging from indifference to disgust depending, Jean and Debbie flank Peter and Noah in their were forms, wearing open bathrobes and nothing else. Peter is obviously uncomfortable with the attention, but Noah is very much in his element.)

JEAN: And now, to advance our education, we’re going to have an official measurement of our two class studs!

NOAH: Enjoy the show, ladies!

PETER: Remind me how you talked me into this, Jean…

DEBBIE: And remember: this is for SCIENCE!

Panel Two

(Measuring Noah in all his glory. Jean snarks a little, while Noah tries to demonstrate his other fine qualities.)

JEAN: Well… I suppose that’s respectable.

JEAN: It’s the LEAST we’d expect of a mighty lion…

NOAH: Hey, don’t be dissin’ the package!

NOAH: Think about the whole COMBO MEAL you’re getting!

Panel Three

(Peter’s measurement, which is quite obviously more… respectable… in every measurement.)

JEAN: I think we got a winner!

JEAN: And don’t worry, Peter...

JEAN: I’ll slip Sarah some locoweed after class!

Panel Four

(Ashley, who watches all this with amused disdain, speaks.)

ASHLEY: I wouldn’t crown your champion just yet…

ASHLEY: Isn’t there someone else who could beat all y’all?

Panel Five

(The whole class turns to look at the back of the room, where Hal sits.)

Panel Six

(Hal speaks.)


The script Thomas wrote himself in response:

Row 1:

Peter on one side looking embarrassed as Debbie measures his full length, Noah on the opposite side in stunned disbelief. Ashley, Cherry, Sarah and Jean in between, with the girls reactions (maybe Cherry's like Jillian's?) and Jean teasing Noah.

Debbie: Oh, my! I think it's safe to say Peter's the winner here...
Ashley: (thought) Dayum!
Cherry: (thought) It's ME-sized!
Sarah *legs quivering*: (thought) That fits in me?! *Sarah's transformation triggered*
Jean (to Noah): Looks like the BIG Bad Wolf beats the itty bitty kitty!
Noah: How does a guy like that have a dick like THAT?

Row 2:

Scene 1 -

Ashley prods Peter's third leg as though checking if were real, while Cherry looks on from a safe distance.

Ashley: Hell, ya'll must wreck yer pants everytime ya change! Ah lost so many tops that way...

Scene 2 -

Peter visibly struggles to hold back. Crazy-eyed Jean double-hands Peter's pole and stretches her jaw wide, tongue out, while Noah cries anime twin waterfalls of tears in the background.

Jean: Oh yeah, Peter spoils a girl for all other boys...
Noah: Th-that's not f-fair!

Scene 3 -

Fully transformed Wolf-Sarah boobhats Jean out of the way and gives Peter's cannon a big sloppy lick, causing Peter's "O" face and cock cumming.

Row 3:

Peter sheepishly scratches the back of his head in the left corner. Debbie, Ashley, Cherry, Sarah, Jean and Noah are plastered with different reactions, such as:

Debbie: Shielded her face with her Notebook
Ashley: Angry glare, hands on hips
Cherry: Ew ew ew
Sarah: Tail-wagging happiness
Jean: Into it - jaw dropped, tongue hanging out, mouth full
Noah: Completely drenched and traumatized

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