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Peter is the Wolf
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PITW -20

Part One: Nancy and Carla

“And here we see the werewolf,” Nancy said, not even trying to keep the huge grin off her face, “boldest and bravest of all nature’s hunters, within her natural habitat, the suburban shopping mall.”

“Shut up,” Carla muttered, shopping bags clutched in her hands. “And don’t say that word in public. You know better.”

“Lighten up, Carla, nobody heard me.” True enough, the two young women were out in the open in the middle of the mall’s central concourse with no humans within twenty feet. “And even if they did, they wouldn’t have paid any attention.”

“Keeping good habits when they don’t matter means you won’t slip up when they do matter,” Carla replied. “You know this even better than I do.”

“What happened to my best friend, the biggest prankster and all-around mocker of trolls?” Nancy asked. The pale-skinned brunette never stopped grinning at the Indian woman.

“Advanced organic chemistry happened,” Carla replied. “I took a break from studying for some retail therapy. If Dad is going to make me follow in his footsteps, he can damn sure pay for it.”

“Better you than me, girl,” Nancy shrugged. “I took a soft major just because of this. So long as I keep up my reading and turn in my theses and projects on time, I’m golden!”

“So you’re taking time off to taunt me?” Carla replied archly. “Brave woman, Miss Vulthar.”

“Oooooooh.” Nancy mock-flinched away from her grumpy friend. “Sounds like somebody needs more than just retail therapy.”

For the first time Carla’s frown shifted to a half-smirk. “Suggesting I need to get laid?”

“It’s good for what ails you!”

Shrugging, Carla turned and walked towards the newly added food court, knowing full well Nancy would follow. “I won’t deny the point,” she said, “but what options are there? Billy Nero just moved off to Indiana.”

“Well,” Nancy grinned, “you certainly liked the son, and all reports are the father is pretty good too.”

“Con Nero? The pack alpha?” Carla shuddered. “I… well, I’ve seen… well… no, just no.”

“Too old for you? You know, you could just offer yourself to him next Howl, and I don’t think his wife would mind.”

“It’d be like screwing my uncle,” Carla said. “Not interested.”

“Hm, okay,” Nancy shrugged. “What about that new guy that just got introduced at the last Howl? What was his… Cramer, that’s right! August Cramer.”

Carla stopped in mid-stride and swiveled to face Nancy. “Not on your life!” she said. “Did you see the way he was staring at everybody the whole night? Something’s not right in his head.”

“So he’s a little wild, big deal!” Nancy said, grinning even wider. “If you don’t want him, I’ll certainly take him! He looks like he can give a girl a real pounding, if you know what I mean!”

“You can have him,” Carla said. “Just you be careful. There’s wild, and then there’s dangerous.”

“I can handle myself,” Nancy replied, waving off all concerns. “I’m more worried that Mrs. Garrity might fight me for him.”

“No fear of that,” Carla said. “She’s still playing with her new toy.”

“Ooooooh!” Nancy’s eyes widened. “Now there’s an idea! Wally Stubbe! He’s built just as nicely as that Cramer, but he’s housebroken!”

“Oh, spare me.” Carla returned to her walk. “What person in her right mind would want to tie up with a brain-dead kid like Walter Stubbe? To say nothing of putting up with his grandmother!”

“Grandma won’t be around for much longer and everybody knows it,” Nancy pointed out. “She sure reminds everyone every chance she gets.”

“Besides, he’s still in high school!” Carla pointed out. “I’d like someone with a little more maturity. Someone who isn’t always trying to prove himself. Someone able to carry on an intelligent conversation.”

Nancy choked back comebacks about how small a difference four years- three and a half, really- was and about the trainability of a beau. Something about the tone of Carla’s voice… “Ah-HA! You have your eye on someone! Who is it? Spill!” She trotted a couple of steps to pull right next to Carla, matching her stride.

“You remember that student from out of state who transferred into the Communications college this term?” Carla asked. “Jack Goodwin. I’ve run into him on campus, here and there.”

Nancy blinked. “You mean that weed that came to the Howl three months ago?” she asked. “That streak of nothing?”

“He’ll do for the physical part, I’m sure,” Carla replied, a smug little smile creeping onto her face. “But he’ll engage the brain along with the gonads.” The smile fled as she sighed. “If I can ever get him to do more than joke around, that is.”

“Well, what do you expect?” Nancy asked. “He’s here for two years to finish his degree, right? And then he’s gone back to Ohio or wherever. Maybe he doesn’t want to be tied down.”

“So maybe I’ll let him do the tying,” Carla replied, the old twinkle beginning to dance in her eyes. “Could be fun to try it that way for a change.”

“Ha! Carla Whitetail letting a male control her for even a minute?” Nancy shook her head. “Now I’ve heard everything! Just for that, Ms. Rich Man’s Daughter, you can buy my lunch today.”

“Two pharmacies doesn’t make you rich,” Carla grumbled.

“Well, you’re certainly a better class of impoverished,” Nancy replied. “Lessee, pizza? Burgers?”


“Aw, c’mon,” Nancy moaned. “You know I hate greasy mall Chinese.”

“The dangers of mooching off a friend,” Carla replied. “Or you could just buy your own.”

“I don’t hate it that much,” Nancy replied, following Carla over to the food counter.

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